Construction Management Services in LaPorte, TX

Staying on-time and within-budget is paramount for any project. To do this, it takes the foresight and planning that only a high-level construction manager in La Porte, TX can bring to the job. At Comex Corporation, management services are something we’re proud to offer, with the results that prove our dedication to your development. 

We handle every phase of the project, including:


We can work with architects, surveyors engineers, site planners and more to help you conclude a design that’s optimal for the building and your budget, without cutting quality or compromising the integrity of the structure.


Let us handle the coordination and logistics of getting your project up and running, including cost estimates, value engineering, bidding and much, much more. We’ll make sure your development is streamlined before any ground is broken.


Count on us to assemble the team, coordinate the materials, file the permits and everything else required to officially kick off the construction process. Our foresight means nothing is overlooked, so you can avoid costly pitfalls and setbacks.


During the construction phase, we’re your all-in-one solution. Our decades of experience shines through in all of the work we do, resulting in precision building practices that add value to your building.

CMAR and Hard Money Developments

We strive to always bring value to your projects, in whatever capacity we can. As a result, we specialize in construction manager at risk in La Porte, TX, as well as hard-money developments.

For CMAR projects, we’ll be glad to work directly with architects, engineers and owners to make sure design, budgeting, materials and all phases of execution are properly planned for and executed. And, if there’s a feasibility issue anywhere along the way, we’ll go back to the drawing board with you to reconfigure the project so it can proceed without encumbrance.

If you’re working on a hard-money loan for your construction project, there’s no room for it to run over budget. We make sure it doesn’t. By thoroughly planning and executing with precision, we make sure your project is brought to fruition without setbacks that could endanger its value.

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